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We take care of your software technology and macro-scale software architecture, product management, product design, product development, high and low-level business requirements and -management, road map creation and road map maintenance, management of end-to-end activities between business, customers and development.

Who we are

We are a consulting and development team based in Germany, Gibraltar and southern Spain. We help our customers when they are short on resources or need some expertise that is currently bound to other projects or not available in-house. We operate worldwide, from Germany, Spain, Gibraltar or the US: we’re ready to support.

What we do

We create concepts, write requirements, design prototypes and develop both, the prototype and the final product. Regardless if it is an e-commerce system, a revolutionary new internet portal, mobile app for iOS and Android, or anything else you can imagine (Yes, you can challenge us on that).

Our services

We support your company with product development, requirements engineering, project management for IT projects and software development for a variety of industries, such as e-commerce and retail services, education, entertainment, pharma, logistics, gaming, crypto or finance.

We offer services for planing, concepting, writing requirements, protoyping and developing of mobile apps for Android and iOS, web applications and large scale enterprise applications for e-learning and e-commerce, fintech / finance, education, entertainment, gaming and retail.

Android and iOS apps

We create applications for Android and iOS. Our broad experience lets us run successfully all types of projects from news apps, retail, e-commerce tools, fintech apps to health care applications.

The beautiful design of our apps comes with an intuitive UI. For us, focus on user experience and attractive yet simple design is the key to success.

Web Applications

We provide you with a "full stack" experience for developing web applications of every size, from frontend to back-end and database development.

This includes bespoke development of interactive web applications using state of the art technologies or custom Wordpress, WooCommerce or Typo3 development.

Progressive Web Apps

PWAs evolve from pages in browser tabs to immersive apps by taking ordinary HTML and JavaScript and enhancing it to provide a first class native-like experience for the user.

PWAs deliver a speedy experience even when the user is offline or on an unreliable network. PWAs bridge the gap between web pages and native store downloads.

During the past years, we have been able to assist a lot of well-known brands with our knowledge and practical experience. We supported these companies in strategic development, conception, requirements engineering, software development, project planning and –management and realised several projects of different types of different sizes, from small to very big, from design to development.


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  • App Development for Android
  • App Development for iOS
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Desktop Applications for Windows and Mac OS
  • Backend- and database development
  • Web Application Development
  • B2B, B2C, C2C Applications
  • For Education, E-Commerce, Gaming, Fintech, Health, Real Estate, Logistics, Retail… You name it!


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